All about the passenger locator form

If you are planning a trip, you may notice that many countries require you to provide information on a form. This form is commonly known as the passenger location form before departure. Each country requires your passenger locator form before allowing you access to their territory. Find out more about this document which is now mandatory for every trip.

What is the purpose of the passenger locator form ?

The Passenger Locator form is also known as the "Passenger Tracking Form". It is used by national health authorities to assist in the event of exposure to infectious diseases while traveling by air or sea. It also applies to travel by train or bus. 

With this form, many states aspire to ensure the safety of travelers and their contacts but also to limit the spread of a wide variety of infectious diseases. This tracking form records the passenger's travel information, contact information, recent trips and personal information. It also includes an emergency contact address. 

Where can we find it?

You can find this form in most countries of the European Union. It is available on the European Union Digital Traceability Label web platform. However, some countries such as England require this document even though it is not an EU country. Alternatively, you can download a country's passenger location form from its government website.

How do you know if your destination country requires this form?

To travel within the European Union, in the midst of an epidemic, it is recommended that travelers visit the French diplomatic portal. As soon as you enter your country of destination, you will have an exhaustive list of all the conditions of access to this country, in force. We advise you to visit this site before booking your tickets.