Clinical research: Benefits and risks

Clinical research is scientific research conducted on human subjects. It is used to determine the reliability and effectiveness of a diagnostic method, treatment or medical device. What are the benefits and risks of clinical research?

Clinical research advances science and improves treatments

Participating in a clinical trial helps others by advancing medical research. Click on this link, to discover a great network of clinical research sites. Indeed, many patients around the world suffer from diseases for which treatments are not available. Sometimes, the available treatments do not allow to eradicate the disease permanently. Thus, clinical research makes it possible to solve these problems by setting up complete and effective treatments. It thus contributes to scientific development by setting up the most suitable treatments. In addition, the development of new drugs allows for improved treatments, which broadens the range of available treatments. New diagnostic methods allow for better detection of diseases and prevention of complications. All of this helps to improve the quality of life of patients and their families. Treatments will be brought to market after extensive safety studies.

Clinical research for free and effective care

Clinical research or clinical trials aim to test the effectiveness, tolerance and safety of a new treatment. French regulations indeed stipulate that the sponsor of a clinical research study donates the experimental drugs. Therefore, the sponsor pays for all additional costs related to this research, such as additional examinations. Even transport costs are sometimes covered.

Clinical research has the risks of side effects

Very often the new drugs or treatments tested are not always better or as effective as standard treatments. Unexpected side effects, more serious than those caused by standard drugs or treatments, may occur. The patient may face harmful side effects. It is essential for the health well-being of society that clinical research is conducted effectively.