How to welcome a kitten at home?

Many people like to entertain themselves with pets. For others, it's with cats. But how to welcome a little cat? Let's find out in a few steps how to do it.

  Preparing a kitten's basic needs

Once your kitten crosses the threshold, you'll need to prepare the small necessities for her. You can check this blog to learn more. Prepare everything in advance so that you don't run out of things and so that the kitten can adjust to her new home as soon as she arrives. To do this, you'll need to establish a few rules that will help her acclimate to her new environment and feel comfortable. You'll need to provide him with the following information before he arrives: 

- Bowls and food: Provide your cat with a comfortable and accessible place to eat. Choose one bowl for water and another for food. Glass, ceramic or stainless steel containers are preferable, as they are less uncomfortable for the cat than plastic ones. You'll need to wash them daily and make sure your little friend always has clean, fresh water.

- Sleep: Kittens sleep 16 to 20 hours a night. So they need a special place to rest, quiet, protected from traffic and drafts, where they feel good, calm and comfortable. 

Securing the facilities

Macaques are naturally curious and enjoy everything. Soon or very soon after their arrival, they try to discover new environments and explore their surroundings. It is therefore important to secure the premises as soon as possible and avoid lying near dangerous objects, electrical wires, open windows, places where they can get stuck, poisonous plants, etc. 

Let her out of her cage

Imagine that your kitten has just been completely abandoned, ripped away from her daily life, her habits, maybe even her mother and her feline friends, and suddenly finds herself in a new home with new sounds, smells and people. Your bearings need a complete overhaul. So don't rush his arrival and let him go at his own pace. Place his crate in the room he needs to discover first (so his kit is within reach) and open the crate door. Move around a bit and let him out on his own.