Weaning and food composition

A child after months of breast milk feeding should bottle-feed with well-composed and balanced foods so as not to create harm to the child. What food compositions for weaning your child? This article offers you some very simple tips.

 Definition, objectives, and importance of weaning

Weaning consists of stopping or completely replacing breastfeeding by bottle-feeding with food diversification. To know more…

 What are the objectives and importance of weaning? 

Choosing to breastfeed your child from birth is of capital importance, but weaning becomes a headache in terms of the choice of artificial feeding. Weaning often occurs with the intention of food diversification and the framework for resuming one's professional function. It is done in a gradual and gentle way. This is also needed by the breastfeeding mother's body to relieve her condition. From a given moment, the mammary glands favorably decrease the production of milk hence the need for weaning and accustomed the child to adapt to food diversification.

 How and with what food composition?

To do this without damaging the state of health of your child, first you can do it by expressing your milk in a bottle to serve to your child to get him used to the bottle before continuing with the food variation. Expressing your morning milk is the easiest according to pediatricians. It is best to start weaning one evening and especially for the choice of commercial milk, seek the advice of your pediatrician on the weight, age, and pace to adopt. For the first two days, you can alternate the bottle with the breast. You can then go on to double the bottle while maintaining the morning breast. All of these processes are recommended over a period of at least 15 days. Thus, your lactation gradually decreases and until final weaning.

What food composition?

For a total satisfaction arranging the development and the health of your child, it is necessary to have a composition very close to the mother's milk and well-balanced. This diet should contain easily digestible protein often found in vegetable cereals such as soybeans, corn. Small poisons like fry and shrimp are also very important in the composition of porridge replacing breast milk. You must ensure the presence of vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids by making a composition with cereals such as rice, soybeans, peanuts, and if possible supplemented with commercial milk on the advice of the pediatrician.


Ultimately, we can successfully wean ourselves correctly without damaging the health of our child. This is very simple by respecting these aforementioned steps with a balanced composition.